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Quick Tips on Using Facebook & IG lives

facebook instagram marketing your podcast podcast coach podcast community podcast consultant podcast tips podhive produce your podcast Apr 17, 2022

Quick Tips on Using Facebook and Instagram “lives” to Promote Your Podcast

Instagram and Facebook lives work well as a part of the whole of your podcast marketing plan. The lives are great tools to promote an episode when it is released but don’t miss out on the opportunity to strategically promote episodes before they release! Going live before episode releases builds anticipation for the release date and also gives your audience an overview of what’s coming up on the episode.  If you haven’t been doing lives, this is your reminder to push yourself out of your comfort zone and start now!

Below are a few quick ideas for using lives to promote your podcast:

  1. Go live after recording the episode with your guest before it is released. This is a great opportunity to go showcase your guest and do a Q & A about it for your listeners! This will introduce your guest to your followers and generate interest from those who haven’t listened to your podcast yet.  
  2. Be a part of someone else Facebook or IG lives. This has similar effectiveness to guesting on another podcast. A great way to gain new listeners is by going live with someone else on their channel or in their Facebook group. Reach out to others in your community who may have a similar audience or maybe even a larger or different type of following. Give them the chance to get excited about your podcast. Yes, You're promoting your podcast, but you’re also providing quality information and giving them an opportunity for people to sample you and your content and convert them to listeners.
  3. Countdown to Launch! Go Live and countdown to the launch of your podcast. It’s a fun way to build momentum for your launch day.