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3 Ways to Up Level Your Podcast

my podcast biz podcast podcast coach podcast cover art podcast expert podcast tips produce your podcast Apr 17, 2022

3 Ways to Up Level Your Podcast

Do you remember when you launched your podcast? You may have felt overwhelmed with the details to focus on to get it live. Fast forward to today. Your podcast is rocking along. You feel like you know so much more now than you did before you released your first episode and now you’re ready to kick things up a notch.

Here are 3 easy tips to refresh and reinvigorate the energy of your podcast:

Upgrade Your Open and Close

Your podcast open or intro is the first impression of your show. This is also the first item you want to review when thinking of an upgrade. Is the music bed you selected still feel fresh and on brand for you? Have you been opening the show yourself but are now considering having a professional voice over record it? There are elements you want to be sure to include such as your show name, your name and a tagline or statement establishing the focus of your podcast upfront.

Your close should contain a clear call to action. It's recommended you use an evergreen CTA if you are using a recorded voice over. An example would be any CTA that is not time sensitive. A few examples are:

  • Rate, Review and Follow us wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts
  • Find out more information by visiting our website (insert web domain)
  • Follow us on Social Media and DM us any comments or feedback

Remember, the word “subscribe” has been replaced by the word “follow” so this is a good reason to consider updating your podcast close.

Redesign Your Cover Art

Your cover art is the visual brand of your podcast. Maybe, you were on a shoestring budget when you launched and never really loved your cover art? Have you recently had a new photo shoot? Did you know color palettes get refreshed and there's such a thing as outdated brand colors? Changing out your cover art is an easy update to your podcast. One designed, upload the new cover art in the show settings in your podcast platform. Be patient, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months for it to be updated in all the listening platforms and directories.

Review Your Website

When was the last time you visited your own website? Seriously, we all get busy and sometimes keeping our own website current can be a challenge! If your podcast episodes are not being uploaded to your website, add them at once. You can integrate them via a link directly from most platforms or word press plugins but optimally you would want to upload each episode with your cover art, show summary notes and the headshot and bio of your guest. It's also great for SEO to include any links to resources provided in the episode. You can use the show notes to promote courses, affiliate programs as well as offer educational resources for your listeners.

Do you own the domain of your podcast name? If not, grab the domain (name of your and/or the name of your show You do not need to have a separate website for your podcast but you should redirect the domain that has the name of your show to the podcast page on your existing website. Be sure to use the domain that aligns with the name of your show in the close of your podcast to eliminate any confusion around how to continue the conversation with you after they finish listening to the episode.

Your podcast is a living, breathing creative force. Pay attention to ways you can enhance your show and keep it fresh for your audience. Focusing on these items elevates your energy as a host and your enthusiasm kicks back in. Rest assured, your listeners will notice you showing up with a new spring in your step!